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Nursing TraningWhen Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025? Find Out Now

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025? Find Out Now

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

The nursing training form for 2024–2025 is now available for purchase. Beginning on Monday, April 24, 2024, the Ministry of Health will be opening the portal so that interested parties can purchase nursing forms and submit applications to any training college of their choice.

We have been receiving inquiries over the last few days from people enquiring about the application process for admission to nursing schools in 2024 and 2025. The several procedures you must take in order to apply for nursing training forms for 2024–2025 are described in this article.

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

How To Apply using The Online Application Procedure

The goal of this thorough guide is to help people who want to apply for programs via the Online Application Procedure. Those who adhere to the detailed guidelines provided below can guarantee a smooth and fruitful application process.

Purchase Application Code

Get the required application codes to start the application process. These codes are available from any Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) office or the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB). The application codes cost two hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢200.00), which goes toward paying for SMS alerts, result verification, and other pertinent communication.

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

Obtain The Voucher

After purchasing the application codes, candidates will get a voucher with a special PIN and serial number on it. To access the online application form, these credentials are required. This voucher must be kept in a safe location as it will be needed for the duration of the application process.

Gather The Required Information

Prior to completing the online application, the following details must be gathered:

  • Residential Address
  • Ghana Post Digital Address

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

Access The Online Application Form

To visit the official website, enter the PIN code and Serial Number given on the voucher: 

https://healthtraining.gov.gh. It’s important to keep in mind that accessing the online registration form requires accurately inputting the PIN that has been provided and creating a password on your own. Candidates need to choose a password that is both memorable and safe.

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?
When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

Complete The Application Form

Once you have accessed the online application form, you must carefully read and follow the instructions. Fill out all pertinent admissions stages as thoroughly as possible, making sure to accurately fill in all needed information. It is advisable to check the submitted information for accuracy before submitting.

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

Track Application Status

With the supplied PIN and serial number from the voucher, applicants can check the progress of their application after submitting the form. This tracking function makes it easier to be informed about the application’s status as it moves through the admissions process.

Competitive Interview

Only candidates who fulfill the required standards for admission will be given the opportunity to take part in a competitive interview at the university of their choice. The purpose of this interview is to provide the institution a chance to assess if the candidate is qualified for the program.

Through careful attention to these detailed instructions, candidates will be well-prepared to complete the online application process. Don’t forget to buy the application codes, collect the essential data, use the PIN and serial number to access the online form, and carefully fill out every part of the form. Applicants can stay updated by monitoring their application status, and if they satisfy the requirements for admission, they might receive an invitation to a competitive interview. I wish you luck as you submit your application!

When Will Nursing Admission Start 2024/2025?

How Much Does Nursing Forms Cost?

  1. Direct Applicants: GHC $200.00

How to Obtain Forms for Nursing Training

  1. Get an Application Voucher at the Post Office or any of the following financial institutions: Ecobank, Zenith Bank, Unibank, Fidelity Bank, Republic Bank, GCB Bank, Agric. Development Bank (ADB), and VISA Credit/Debit Card.
  1. Students from abroad should utilize their VISA cards.

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