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ScholarshipApplication for KNUST Mastercard Foundation Scholarship for Academic Year 2022/2023

Application for KNUST Mastercard Foundation Scholarship for Academic Year 2022/2023

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP at KNUST)

Our objective is to develop the next generation of moral and transformative leaders who will bring about constructive, forward-looking changes in their own countries and across the African Continent.

MCFSP at KNUST offers a wide range of scholarships so that qualified, academically gifted, but economically underprivileged, young people in Ghana and Africa can receive a high-quality university education.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program gives its scholars the chance to get comprehensive training that equips them to lead change effectively. The program offers a wide range of services, such as mentoring, ethical leadership seminars, skill development, etc., that will result in the scholar’s academic success, community participation, and transition to career prospects, equipping the scholar to be a global citizen.

Eligibility for the 2022/2023 academic year:

  1. All prospective candidates must have a genuine and legitimate WASSCE, GBCE, ABCE, GCE O’Level & A’Level, or their equivalent results, from an accredited/recognized institution, in their possession at the time of application. Results of the applicant cannot be older than five years.
  2. Also, the applicants must satisfy KNUST’s admission requirements. The recipient of the scholarship must be admitted to a KNUST program successfully in order for it to be given out.
  3. Ghanaian applicants must purchase an E voucher for the purpose of applying to KNUST, and they must complete the application as soon as the online portal opens (HERE!). Foreign applicants are instructed to go to the same address and choose the International students only option.
  4. NO AWAITING RESULT Candidates will go through the scholarship application process.
  5. The applicant must provide evidence of having Critical Economic Needs.
  6. The candidate must have a track record of leadership and involvement in the community (s).
  7. There shall be consideration for: Females, Unsettled Individuals (Certified Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, etc.) and those with Disabilities.
  8. The applicant must be ready to return home and give back to his or her community.
  9. The applicant must NOT be enrolled in any tertiary institution.
  10. The application form is available for download (HERE!) by those who qualify for the scholarship.
  11. The scholarship application form is free and includes a watermark with the year 2022.
  12. Those who meet the requirements should apply as soon as they can for the scholarship. Don’t wait till KNUST admissions are open.
  13. The following address must receive completed application forms supplied by courier mail (such as EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS);

the program manager

master card foundation scholars program at knust

africa hall road, impact building

pmb knust

kumasi ghana”

Application deadline for 2022 is on or before Tuesday, June 30, 2022.

PS: Although the staggered interviews will start in May 2022, applications received beyond June 30, 2022, won’t be processed.

Foreign applicants should remember to include copies of their original result certificates or equivalent certificates.

Additional Information:

  • From mid-March to the end of September 2022, a staggered continuous application procedure will be open for the scholarship.
  • Three interviews will be performed sequentially by three independent panels, and unsuccessful candidates will be notified at each stage.
  • Unannounced site visits would be made for Ghanaian applicants.
  • Only after candidates have had their results validated, three interviews, and, in the case of Ghanaian applicants, a visit, will they be notified in writing of their success.
  • At no point in the process are charges, fees, facilitation, agents, or intermediaries necessary.
  • Any applicant who provides false information or intentionally misrepresents facts or makes an attempt to sway the selection process will be disqualified and have their employment recommended for termination.
  • The Terminal Selection Committee’s judgments are conclusive.
  • The applicants’ specified phone numbers, Skype IDs, and email addresses must be active at all times in order to receive important information about their application.
  • Contact the Secretariat at +233-206-030-790 or +233-3220-62975 for further information or send an email to mcfsecretariat@knust.edu.gh or mcfknust@gmail.com.
  • Under no circumstances may applicants inquire about the status of their applications with the Secretariat. As necessary, the Secretariat would notify and get in touch with candidates.

Some Details of the Scholarship Package:

  • comprehensive monetary assistance (full tuition, fully paid on-campus accommodation, learning materials, transportation allowance and a full-year monthly stipend).
  • Support Services for Counseling
  • Professional Development Services (including Industrial Mentorship, Career Guidance, Professional Development, and Enterprise Development, amongst others)
  • Meetings with other scholars on a regular basis that concentrate on chances for professional and personal growth as well as on activities designed to strengthen societal bonds and scholars’ capacities.
  • academic coaching, online learning, and tutoring to continue providing academic support.
  • Opportunities to participate in mentorship, community service, and leadership congresses (Go-back Give- Back),
  • professionally developing internships with industry that are specifically sourced.
  • the honor of joining the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Alumni family, which is expanding, and networking with the community of international scholars.
  • Application Procedure for KNUST’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
  • KNUST’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
  • KNUST: Submit an application for the Jim Leech Mastercard Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellowship for 2021–2022.


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