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GeneralChristian "Daavio" Atsu: Atsu's early years

Christian “Daavio” Atsu: Atsu’s early years

Christian Atsu spent a total of 31 years on our planet, and based on the testimonials given after his death, it can be considered that he led a life that was well-lived.

The testimonials from recipients and many others revealed the foundation of his work life and adult life, one that was marked by quiet generosity.

On the afternoon of the Saturday Atsu’s death was officially announced, Sannie Daara told JoySports, “There are millions of stories [about his works of generosity and humanism] he’ll never tell you.

Christian’s devotion to the Christendom was another treasured memory that was shared, and Daara went on to elaborate.

“So one day I’ll ask him about the time when many people had claimed that the Black Stars players were uncooperative, stingy, and other such accusations. “I do this for God, not for humankind to thank me,” he said to me.

More than ever, each image of Atsu’s smile would evoke fabled recollections of a man who passed away painfully after contributing significantly to society.

Ghanaians now have some knowledge of Atsu’s adult life and professional career, but the circumstances that shaped Atsu into the person he is now are still a mystery.

Atsu was cool and not obstinate. He didn’t enjoy parties, females, or other similar activities. He always made his [deal] with the church. He was always going to church, so I teased him about it every day. He would always excuse himself to go to church whenever we were given a reporting time for a game, whether it was at home or away.

Former Peace FC captain Daniel Mensah said on Joy Sports that sometimes when we play at home, he is brought in in the second half because he will be at church for the first half.

Atsu’s first club was Peace FC, which he joined when he was around 10 years old. Even then, it was clear how committed he was to his faith.

Also, nobody knew that Christian went by the nickname “Daavio” when he was at the same age.

Mishael Quaynor of Joy Sports broadcasts a Joy Sports tribute piece on Christian’s early years on the day when Atsu bids his final farewells.


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